Lockdown Local Food, Services and Treats

Glastonbury Wood-Fired Pizza Company

In the VH car park on Thursday from 4:30 to 8:00pm. Order in advance on 07976529011

Takeaway Food: Ring O'Bells, Moorlinch

Great takeaway pub food. Call to book a meal and pickup time 01458 210358

Milk From The Moors, Fowlers Plot, Chedzoy

Fresh milk and Shakes 24/7, Farm Shop Wed to Sat and weekly meat and fish

Takeaway Food: Pig and Wheel, Chilton Polden

Takeaway pub food. Call 01278 723001 to order and arrange pick up or delivery

Gwilliam and Kelland Country Store, Edington

Store with a wide range of groceries, fresh food, Post Office, and Off License.

Polden Practice: Prescription Delivery

Reduce the load on the surgery and get your prescription delivered to your door

Village FaceBook Group

There is a very active Stawell and Sutton Mallet FaceBook group. If you want to join you will be asked some questions and be asked to check that you agree to the group rules.  If you do not respond to these you will not be admitted.  If you want a friend to join then ask them to do it rather than requesting on their behalf.

July News

There is now a Hair Salon open at 21 Broadway over in Chilton Polden.  A brochure, including a current price list, is here.  

They have a Facebook page with all their latest times, news and offers at https://www.facebook.com/salonv2021/


The minutes of the Planning Meeting of 19 July are now posted under the “Organisations/Parish Council” menu on this page

The Parish Council minutes for the July meeting are now posted under the Organisations/Parish Council menu.

Planning Meeting: On Monday 19 July there will be a special Parish Council planning meeting to consider three planning applications. The agenda is posted under the Organisations/Parish Council menu

The July edition of MOMSS should have dropped through your letterbox by now. If not, you can peruse the digital edition by clicking on the image on the left or go to the Organisations/Church?MOMSS menu at the top of the page.

The Water Fountain outside the Village Hall is currently out of action.  This is part of the hall committee’s COVID risk reduction strategy. It will be turned back on as soon as circumstances allow.

Groups are beginning to start meeting in the village hall again. The Art Group meets every Thursday evening and I know the Short Mat Bowlers are back too. Zumba has also restarted and meets at 10:00am each Tuesday.  

June News

Parish Council Minutes:  The minutes of the June meeting have now been posted under the “Organisations” menu on this page.

Message from Jeanette Scott: 

Hopefully the restrictions we have experienced over many months will be relaxed later this month.

I just want to say that the people of Stawell have been amazing – so ready to be of help in so many ways: shopping, prescription collecting, sharing books and puzzles and coming alongside lonely people. The amount of food given to the Foodbank, for those in need, has been tremendous.

We are so fortunate to live here and thank you all so much.


PC Statutory Documents: The various statutory notices, statements and audits for the Parish Council for 2021 have been posted under the Parish Council menu on this website.

Parish Council Meeting. The next meeting will take place in the village hall on Monday 7 June at 7:00pm. The agenda is published under the “Organisations” menu at the top of this page.

MOMSS: The June edition of the MOMSS magazine has now been published. You should have had a copy through your door but a digital edition is to be found under the Organisations/Church/MOMSS menu at the top of this page. Error: To contact Rachel about the Village Party, the correct phone number for Rachel is 723416

Village Hall COVID Terms and Conditions

Users of the village hall will need to comply with the COVID Terms and Conditions. 

A full sized PDF copy can be found by clicking on the image to the left or by going to the Village Hall section under the “Organisations” menu at the top of this page.

Users will all need to scan the QR code using the NHS COVID Test and Trace app. All group leaders have the QR code and it is also on the notice board outside the hall. If a user cannot scan the code then they must complete the paper Track and Trace form which the leader should have. A copy is also available on this site.

Yay!! The Village Hall will be reopening.

Village Hall Club
The hall will be reopening from Monday 24 May.
Leaders of groups using the hall all have QR codes that every visitor or group member will need to scan. They also have forms for anyone unable to scan a QR code – these will be sent to Maxine who will retain them for 21 days for track and trace purposes. During each session doors and windows should remain open but be closed afterward.
Group leaders should have been contacted but if not please get in touch with Maxine to arranged dates and times.

May News

Minutes of the Annual Meeting and Annual Parish Meeting:  These meetings took place on 19 May in the village hall.  The minutes of the meetings are now posted under the “Organisations” menu at the top of this page. 

Annual Meeting of the Parish Council:  Meeting Rescheduled to 19 May

This meeting will take place in the village hall at 7:00pm. The Annual Parish Meeting will then follow the first meeting.  Agendas for both meetings are available under the “Organisations” menu.  These meetings ARE in the village hall and social spacing and other precautions will be in place. 

MOMSS: The May edition of the magazine should be dropping through your letterbox soon.

If you prefer a digital read or mislay your hard copy then it can be read or downloaded from here.  Just click on the cover image on the left or look for MOMSS under the Church section of the “Organisations” menu at the top of this page.

April News

April Parish Council Minutes: These are now posted under the ‘Organisations’ menu at the top of the page. Well worth a look, a lot of matters were dealt with.

Catalytic Convertor Thefts: There has been an increase in thefts of these, often vulnerable but valuable, vehicle components. Avon and Somerset Police have released a couple of articles with advice on protecting your vehicle.  Catalytic-converter theft and  Catalytic-converter-theft-prevention.pdf

Local crime reports: Outbuildings continue to be a target for thieves with reports of break-ins in Cossington and Ashcott. Also, be careful of the ever-continuing ‘phone and email scams seeking to get personal details and payments from the unwary. 

Somerset Rivers Authority planned works 2021/22: Somerset Rivers Authority is to spend £3.44 million on 21 projects across the county to provide greater flood protection and resilience. Some of these will be of general benefit and others of local impact. Some is directed at projects close to our villages. There is a brief press release SRA Enhanced Programme 2021-22 press release summary and a more detailed report Detailed PDF about SRA Enhanced Programme 2021-22 

MOMSS:  The April edition of the local magazine covering the villages of Middlezoy, Othery, Moorlinch, Stawell and Sutton Mallet should have dropped through your letterbox.

If it hasn’t, or you just prefer online reading, then you can read it here. The magazines are filed under the church section of the “organisations” menu or just click on the cover picture.

This month the digital magazine is in two sections! 

Parish Council Meeting:  The next virtual meeting of the Parish Council will be on Monday 12 April. Instructions for joining the meeting are on the agenda. The agenda is available under the “Organisations” menu on this page.

Church Opening for private prayer: The church will be open each Wednesday, starting on 7 April, from 10:00am to 12:00pm for individual, private prayer. All COVID regulations apply.  If anyone needs access at a different time or day please let Rachel Fortune know (723416) so something can be arranged for you.

Crimestoppers: A car has been broken into between 3am and 5am on the 26th in Manor Road, Cossington. The owner of the vehicle has reported the offender smashed a window to the vehicle and has stolen a wallet from within containing cash, bank cards, driving license and National Insurance card.

Another car has been broken into overnight on the 26th again in Manor Rd, Cossington. The offender had smashed the passenger’s front window to steal two handbags that had been left on view containing perfume, bank cards and tobacco. It further transpires the offender had accessed the boot of the vehicle and stolen alcohol.
Any information please contact the Police on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555111. Thank you for your support.

...and in no particular order

The next Parish Council Meeting will be held on Monday 12 April NOT the 5th as written in the previous minutes. The Agenda will be posted when it becomes available.

Local Crime Report: A garden shed has been broken into, most likely around 3am on the 22nd in Broadway, Chilton Polden, near The White Heart Inn. The caller was alerted to the sound of a car door slamming and a vehicle making off at speed, upon checking the shed door had been forced open and a Whacker Plate and Halfords 200 Piece Socket set have been stolen from within.

Any information please contact the Police on 101 quoting Ref number: 5221061166 stating NHW Release or Crimestoppers on 0800 555111. 

Notice of Election: There will be an election for a Police Crime Commissioner on 6 May 2021. Please find the official Notice-of-Election here.

Waste and Recycling News

The opening times of Somerset Recycling Centres are moving over to their summer schedule from 1 April 2021.

In line with government guidance, Somerset Waste Partnership is still advising residents to only make trips if they really have to, for example because waste at home is causing some kind of risk.

This advice will be reviewed as part of the national lifting of lockdown restrictions but will not change until 12 April at the earliest. On-site safety precautions continue including social distancing, no staff assistance with unloading, gloves must be worn.

Latest site details including opening days can be found at somersetwaste.gov.uk/recycling/centres

Census Day 21 March 2021: visits from Field Census Officers

From 22nd March 2021 field census officers will be visiting households which have not yet completed their census.

All our officers will be carrying official identification cards. The card will have a photograph and the officer’s name. The officers will work through the day to make contact with residents but will not call before 09:00 or after 20:00.

Any member of the public concerned that the person on their doorstep is not a census officer can call the number on the critical workers letter that the officer can show them.

Census officers will never ask for any money or bank details at any point during the conversation with respondents.

Our staff in the field are classed as key workers. The law allows that where there is a lockdown people can leave their home for work if they cannot work from home. As their role cannot be carried out by working from home, they are allowed to carry out the duties of their role.

The health and safety of the public and the census field force is of the utmost importance to us. Field force routines in Census 2021 have been planned with the health and safety of both the public and field staff front and centre. All our officers will work in a socially distanced way; they will all be wearing PPE and they will not enter anyone’s home.

A new business with village links

Hannah, daughter of Simon and Mags Thomas, has a start-up business making small batch soy wax fragranced candles.
The products are vegan and use ethically sourced ingredients. Possibly a bit late for Mothers Day but great for birthday and Easter gifts.

A bit more news

Council Tax Scam:  Whilst no one likes paying taxes and with council tax bills dropping onto doormats, a phone call that promises to lower your Council Tax banding for an upfront charge may sound like a great offer, but you can find out if your band can be lowered for free. 

We have also been told by callers that they have been called by “someone” who says they work for the Council; that a lot of money is owed and that if they do not pay, the Police will be called.  These are scam phone calls.

If you are struggling to pay your Council Tax bill and need assistance, Council Tax staff will be happy to offer help and advice on 0300 303 7801 or email the Council Tax team at council.tax@sedgemoor.gov.uk

COVID Route Map out of lockdown: Here are a couple of really clear summaries listing the changes at each step of the COVID Route Map.  Step 1 and 2 (March/April) and Step 3 and 4 (May/June)

Current official guidance giving more detail is at COVID Guidance Spring 2021

Recycling in Somerset – the next steps:  Thanks to Simon Thomas for pointing this out. Looks like we can expect our kerbside recycling service to take a far wider range of materials soon. This will roll out across the county in phases; sadly Sedgemoor is in the final phase, from February/March 2022 but better late than never. Well worth a look at the details at Recycle More

Happy Easter

During Easter Week, 28th March to 3rd April, there will be a small gift in the Church porch for anyone passing by.  Please help yourself and enjoy.

Church Easter Quiz

The Church committee is holding a Quiz over the Easter weekend.

Stick a donation (whatever you would like to donate is just fine) in an envelope and post it to any of the good folk named in the poster. You will be emailed a copy of the quiz sheet on Good Friday. You need to get your quiz mojo firing on all cylinders pretty sharpish as you need to return completed entries by the end of Easter Sunday with winners being announced on Easter Monday.

If you qualify then the church can benefit from Gift Aid and, like the poster says, Gift Aid envelopes are in the church porch.

C’mon, get your entries in – its not like you’re going far 🙂

News from the Parish Pump

Parish Council Meeting:  The minutes of the March meeting are now posted under the “organisations” menu on this page.  The minutes refer to a website called “Fix My Street”. There is a direct link on this page – check out the “Useful Links” in the right column.  Anyone can report a problem with our roads, potholes, fly-tipping and the like. This usually gets a very quick response from the local council.

Ford Lane Roadworks: I’ve been forwarded this email from Wessex Water. It explains the purpose of the work.

The works due to start at Ford Lane on 15 March are to install an ariel for our Event Duration Monitor (EDM) at this location. This will notify both us and the Environment Agency (EA) if there is a high water level within the public sewer, which means we can then respond quickly if there is an issue. This will help to reduce the risk of sewage flooding and potential damage to roads or properties. We have several hundred of these monitors installed within the region as part of a national scheme driven by the EA with all water companies involved. Our unit in Ford Lane currently already has an ariel but the signals are not reliable due to its location, so we are moving it and installing a better ariel so we receive more reliable data going forward.

[yes, I know aerial is spelled wrong]

MOMSS March 2021

The latest edition of the free united benefice magazine has now been published.  At present this is only available online. Once conditions improve it will be distributed to each home in the benefice and be available online. 

The magazine covers Othery, Moorlinch, Stawell, Sutton Mallet, Middlezoy and Greinton.

To see the magazine look under the Church section of the Organisations menu at the top of this page…… or just click here

"Getcha news 'ere"

Parish Council Meeting:  The next meeting will take place (virtually) at 7:00pm on 1 March 2021. Instructions for joining the meeting are given on the agenda which is, as always, available under the “Organisations” menu. 

Ford Lane Closure: A notice has been issued stating that Ford Lane will be closed for 5 days from 15 March onwards.  The purpose is to install a duct in the carriageway on behalf of Wessex Water. Presumably, this aims to reduce flooding after heavy rain. Details can be obtained at https://one.network/?tm=120999342

Distraction Burglary Warning:  We have received this report about a crime committed recently in Backwell. Sometime between 3:30pm and 3:45pm on Tuesday the 16th of February, a mixed race male has knocked on a door when answered he said he had a food delivery, the resident refused delivery, the male then asked for a note to say they refused delivery, while the victim went to get some paper the male has stepped inside and has stolen a purse, which contained cash,
Please remind your members, family and friends to ask for identification of callers and if necessary close the door while checking, genuine callers will understand the need for security,
When reporting a crime or giving information through Crimestoppers, no personal details are taken, information cannot be traced or recorded and you will not go to court or have to speak to a police officer.

Bereavement and Mental Health Support: If you or someone you know, is affected by grief or bereavement, and would like to talk to someone, please call the Somerset Bereavement Support Service call 0800 3047 412 (Monday to Saturday, 9am to 5pm). The service can offer a variety of support to adults and children over 12.

Mindline Emotional support and mental health helpline is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Mindline is a confidential listening service which provides a safe place to talk if you, or someone you know, is in distress. We can also give basic information about mental health and local support services.

Our listeners treat all callers, regardless of background, in a non-judgmental way with dignity and respect. When our lines are busy, or closed, our switchboard can connect you to our sister service, the Samaritans.

BT telephone scam.....again!

Apparently an old scam is still doing the rounds. Here are the basics of what you need to look out for and be aware of:

A caller will state they are from BT, and you have an unsettled balance on your account of £****, you will be disconnected if immediate payment is not made and the bill will rise when re-connected at a later date.

When challenged, they provide a false name, last used was ‘John Peacock’, and a strong foreign accent was detected, the caller states they can prove they are from BT and goes through a process where they pretend to disconnect the line momentarily. The recipient is asked to end the call and try and call someone else which they find is not possible The reason this is not possible is the caller had initiated the call and only they can terminate, they simply mute the phone to make it appear they are not there, this gives the impression the line is dead. When the Scam caller hears you stop trying to call out, they will clear the line and call you back giving the impression they have re-connected your line.
At this point you may feel reassured this is genuine, IT IS NOT.

If in any doubt call your provider and check with them, never hand over your bank details to someone that calls you out of the blue.

Monthly MOMSS Magazine goes digital again.

MOMSS is a community magazine produced by volunteers and covering the United Benefice. It is  delivered free to over a thousand homes in the United Benefice which covers Middlezoy, Othery, Moorlinch, Stawell, Sutton Mallet and Greinton.

During lockdown it is published online. It is filed under the Church section under the “Organisations” menu at the top of this page but you can do to the latest edition by clicking on the magazine cover. 

Hot off the press:

Parish Council Meeting 1 February 2021: Agenda is, as usual, available under the “Organisations” menu. Log in details for the meeting are also on the agenda.

Road Closure Notices: Resurfacing work is likely to commence on the A39 at Chilton Polden Hill from 22 February for 5 nights. The road will be closed from 19:00 to 07:00. Further details at https://one.network/downloads/tm/1111/3-notice-2_119762777_3284078_bd3457b4d2.pdf

Wessex Water are also intending to carry out connection work which will require road closure. Moor Road in Sutton Mallet is scheduled to close for 5 days from 22 February and last for 5 days. Further details at: https://one.network/downloads/tm/1111/3-notice-2_119613632_3284005_d3878d891a.pdf

Scam Alerts:  A phone text scam – Lloyds Banking – New Payee (Text Message)
States: You have successfully been paired with a new device, Call 447780337*** if it is not you

Next one is a phone call purporting to be from SKY Protect Insurance: Caller: Claimed she was called Zara from Sky Protect Insurance, provided a call back number of 0203 8077*** this has been checked with Sky and is incorrect, this is an unrecognised London number. Calling this could sign you up to a worthless expensive policy. The official Sky number is an 0800 number.

Finally, we are reminded that scam COVID-19 vaccination calls, texts and emails are still doing the rounds.  These usually claim to be from the NHS and offering the COVID vaccination.   On first impressions it looks quite genuine, until the point at which it asks for payment details. As we all know the vaccine is completely free, the NHS will never ask for your bank account or card details, your pin or banking password and they will not ask for proof of identity such as passport, driving licence or pay slips.

Important Information on COVID Fraud

A few updates:

The minutes of the special planning meeting of the Parish Council are now posted. As always they are under the “organisations”  menu at the top of the page.

The Glastonbury Wood Fired Pizza Company is now visiting Stawell every Thursday.

The Street Bean Coffee Company will be supplying coffee and cakes from the village hall car park every Saturday  from 12:30pm

Bridgwater Foodbank donation: letter of thanks

Click on the image to see a letter from the trustees of the foodbank. The village actually donated £535 plus gift aid.

As you will read, this donation has made a real difference to the lives of many of our most needy neighbours.

A huge thank you to organisers, participants, and donors.

The Return of the Pizza Guy!

“Now Coming Every Thursday”

Church Lockdown Update

The church is closed at the moment because of the lockdown, but the church community is still very much active. We are all thinking of everyone, and you are in our prayers.

Please ring Rachel 723416 if we can help you in anyway.

Special Planning Meeting of the Parish Council

There will be a special meeting of  the Parish Council on Monday 11 January 2021. 

This will be a telephone meeting. The details needed to join the meeting  are given on the agenda which is under the “Organisations” menu on this page.

STOP PRESS: The Street Bean Coffee Co. will be coming every Saturday at 12:30pm NOT on Thursdays any more.

Assuming the first visit is successful the Street Bean Coffee Co. will be returning at the same time on alternate Thursdays.

Macmillan Cancer Support Quiz

The quiz sheets which Tina Swift put together and sold around the village raised an amazing total of £536 (inc. gift aid). 


Parish Council Minutes

The minutes of the December Parish Council meeting are now available. As usual, they are filed under the “Organisations” menu item at the top of this page. Quite a lot was covered so well worth a look.

Salvation Army Christmas Present Appeal

Karen Heffernan has now taken a final delivery of presents to the Salvation Army in Bridgwater. They are busy parceling them up and getting them ready to distribute to children where their families would not be able to provide many or even any, presents this year.  Karen would like to thank the many villagers who have contributed gifts, not forgetting the very generous contribution from the village hall committee.   We hope to make supporting this cause an annual Christmas event.

Avon and Somerset Police Notice

Two elderly residents in the Clevedon area have been the subject of serious fraud. Both received telephone calls today, 2nd December, stating they were police officers – one from Luton and the other allegedly from Bristol. The supposed officers were very persistent and even asked one of the victims to call 191 to check their identity with a colleague. This was a clever ploy, as the line had not been disconnected and the phone was merely handed to an accomplice.

In both instances, they were asked to attend their banks and were advised by the fake police that they could get around the security measures/questions. On arrival, the victims withdrew thousands of pounds between them, which was later collected from their homes by a courier. A password was given by the fraudster to use when handing the money over to the courier to make it even more convincing.

This type of fraud can occur anywhere, so always be wary of unexpected calls. Never give out any personal details, especially financial account numbers or passwords. If you have any concerns, hang up immediately. Contact the bank or organisation they claim to represent using a mobile or different phone in case the offenders are still on the line. Never use any telephone numbers provided by the fraudster. Police will never ask you to attend your bank or withdraw cash.

Parish Council and Village Hall Meetings (or not!)

December 7th – Parish Council meeting agenda is now published under the “Organisations” menu. It is a virtual meeting, details on how to join are on the agenda document.

The Village Hall AGM has had to be postponed until the new year. The reason is that the constitution does not allow for a virtual or telephone meeting so the meeting must wait until we can all meet face to face.  Guess what – amending the constitution may feature on the agenda 🙂

Christmas Present Appeal

For several years Karen Heffernan has been donating a present each Christmas to the Salvation Army Christmas Present Appeal.

She has been told that there are usually over 200 children in Bridgwater and area who would otherwise receive little or nothing on Christmas morning.  This year the number will inevitably be much greater.

The details for the Bridgwater appeal are given in the poster below.  They need new presents, still in their wrapping but they will gift wrap them before distributing them to families in need.  There are suggestions for gifts on the Salvation Army website at Salvation Army Christmas Present Appeal

Please note the deadline  of Monday 7th December.

Please take any gifts you can give to their collection centre but I’m sure Karen we would be happy to take them for you if necessary (West House) or we can do it for you (Willow Cottage).

STOP PRESS: Our wonderful Village Hall Committee have agreed to support this appeal with a generous donation of £250. This will ensure that many local children will now really have a Happy Christmas. A huge thank you to the committee.

Get involved with the Village Advent Calendar

Fancy being creative and bringing some light and joy to Stawell in the run up to Christmas? This year, we would like to create a Village Advent Calendar. We are looking for people to decorate a window of their house (or even a gate or fence in the front garden if you have no frontage onto the main road). You will be asked to reveal it on a given date. It can be any Christmas/seasonal design you like and can be as simple or creative as you like. Ideally, your displays could be kept in situ until 31st December….

The 24th December is already taken! Please get in touch by 16th November if you would like to participate. A map of the various locations/dates will be available from 30th November – you will find them at the Food Bank store outside Jeanette & Ian Scott’s (Old Post Office, opposite the Village Hall). We would ask for a minimum donation of £1 and all proceeds will go to the Bridgwater Food Bank. Donations can be posted in an envelope through the front door. We would ask you to remember social distancing and to take care during the dark evenings if you are walking around to see any illuminated windows. 

There are no prizes – this is purely for fun and to help keep spirits up….
For ideas, why not look at LACW.co.uk where you will see some examples of advent windows in Wedmore. 

To register your interest, and to be allocated a specific date for your “reveal”, please contact :
Sharon Butt, Springfield, Ford Lane. Tel: 722336 or email sharon.butt123@btinternet.com by 16th November.
With thanks! Sharon Butt, Carol Gange-Harris, Jackie Lusty, Margaret Williams
Go on – get creative and brighten up our lovely village!

Sadly, the planned Service of Remembrance, which was to have taken place on Sunday 8 November, has had to be cancelled.

This is due to the latest COVID-19 Lockdown.


There will be no door to door Poppy Collection this year. Instead Lianne Graham, the Polden’s Poppy Appeal Organiser, will be in the Church porch on Wednesday 28 October and Wednesday 4 November between 10:00am and noon and will be selling regular and enamel poppies.

There will be a Remembrance service: details will be published as soon as the information is available.

October Updates

Message from Somerset and Avon Police:
At some point between 15 October and Tuesday the 27th, someone has broken into a home in Edington Road, Bridgwater. After smashing a hole in a glass panel of the back door the offender has reached through to unlock it and enter the property. It is unknown if anything has been stolen as the resident has been away for some time.
If you have any information regarding this incident contact the Police on 101 and quote Reference number: 5220243341. Alternatively you can call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111

The agenda for the November Parish Council Meeting is now posted under the “Organisations/Parish Council” menu. Annual audit documents have also now been posted.

The Annual Vestry Meeting and Annual Parochial Church Meeting will be held on 20 October at 7:00pm.  This will be a virtual meeting. 

To join the meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.


You can also dial in using your phone.(For supported devices, tap a one-touch number below to join instantly.)

United Kingdom (Toll Free): 0 800 389 5276

Access Code: 569-784-629 #

New to GoToMeeting? Get the app now and be ready when your first meeting starts: https://global.gotomeeting.com/install/569784629

New Churchwardens will be elected at this meeting as Rachel is stepping down.  If anyone is interested in taking on this role then please email Rachel (address above)  for further details.

The minutes of the October Parish Council Meeting are now available under the “Organisations/Parish Council” menu.



We would love to have your drawings for this year’s United Benefice Christmas Card from the vicar and churchwardens that goes to everyone in our villages. Drawings should be of some part of the Christmas Nativity story, preferably done in coloured felt tips on plain white A5 size paper.

Please put your name, age and phone number on the back of your drawing and give it to one of the MOMSS team (below) or post it to Isobel Davis, West View Fore St, Othery, Bridgwater, TA7 0QQ (opposite Maisey’s Bakery).

We need them by Monday 2 November so that we can choose which to use on the front page and elsewhere on the card in time for printing and sending all around the benefice.

The MOMSS Magazine Committee, Richard Graham, Anita Winslade, Jane Stryker, Isobel Davis and Gill Wilkinson

September Updates

Been very quiet of late…wonder why?? However there are now one or two bits of news to spread around the villages.

There will be a Virtual Parish Council Meeting on Monday 5th October at 7:00pm in the village hall.  The agenda is available under the Organisations/Parish Council menu at the top of page. Details of how to join the meeting are on the agenda.

The minutes of the recent, September, virtual Parish Council Meeting are now posted under the “Organisations/Parish Council” Menu

Many of you will have had someone calling and trying to raise money for Great Ormond Street Hospital in the last day or two. Karen Heffernen has been in touch to say that he was a genuine fund raiser (She has checked with the hospital) so any money given is safe.

Sadly the Village Hall will have to remain closed for the foreseeable future. I asked if the Art group might be able to meet again soon and the committee did investigate but the conditions and procedures needed are still too onerous to contemplate. Thanks to the committee for looking into this.  There is a letter explaining this in a bit more detail – Stawell and Sutton Mallet Village Hall COVID

Jeanette Scott has asked me to thank all those people who have been contributing to the Bridgwater Food Bank throughout the lockdown period. If you aren’t aware of this, there is a collection point just by the Stawell Post Box and you can drop off tins and packets of food at any time.Virtual

Re-opening of the Church

Stawell ChurchThe church will now be open twice a week for two hours for Individual Prayer. It will have to be a little different, but i think we are all getting used to hearing that. We look forward to welcoming you if you wish to come for Individual Prayer on Wednesdays 10am to 12pm and on Saturdays from 2pm to 4pm. 

A notice will go up at Church. This will start from Saturday 11th July.


The minutes of the latest (July) Parish Council meeting have been posted under the “Organisations/Parish Council” menu.

Avon and Somerset Police have identified yet another potential scam to look out for. This time an automated call from Visa stating a transaction for £299 to Tesco has been authorised and asking for confirmation. The telephone number that called was 02039 669 829.

Several members have reported to have received the same call already.

Should you receive the same call, simply hang up and notify Action Fraud on this number 0300 123 2040 or report it via their website below:


Stawell and Sutton Mallet Village Hall

Unfortunately due to Covid 19, we are running behind with our Stawell & Sutton Mallet Village Club Card, which ran out in April.

However, as the restrictions have lessened and with the keeping of social distancing rules, somebody from the village hall committee will be calling on yourselves within the next 2 weeks to renew your membership, which is £12 for the year.

Monthly draws will commence in July and run until June 2021 with 1st prize £15, 2nd prize £10 & 3rd prize £5. We will still be having our 5 draws at Christmas of £15 each!!

Last year our club card was designed by Kay McDonald who attends the local ‘Art Class’ run by Karen Roberts on Thursdays in the village hall (Hopefully soon!). This year’s design is by Janet Dodwell.

Joint Village Hall and Church Raffle.

The raffle will be drawn at 8:00pm on Saturday 6 June. Join us on ZOOM to see your ticket come out of the box!

There are lots of prizes to be won with FOUR FIRST PRIZES. These are a Sunday Dinner (Meat or Vegetarian version) and three hampers of goodies kindly donated by ASDA. 

To join in just follow the link below:

Brian Scowcroft is inviting you to a scheduled ZOOM meeting.

Topic: 50:50 Raffle
Time: Jun 6, 2020 19:45 


Meeting ID: 828 2107 9832

If you haven’t used ZOOM for a while you may be prompted to update the application. It only takes a minute or two but you might want to join before 8:00pm to give yourself time. The meeting will open at 7:45pm to give you time to get sorted.

As a caring community we have raised money for others during this challenging period. Now it is time to consider our own St Francis Church and the Village Hall.  Both have lost funding during the lockdown but still have considerable ongoing expenses – I know the Village Hall is awaiting an insurance bill of hundreds of pounds.

To help them out there will be a draw on Saturday 6th June at 8:00pm. Yes, you’ve guessed – it’ll be held on ZOOM!

1st prize is a Sunday  Dinner for four with all the trimmings; goose fat roast potatoes, vegetables and stuffing plus Apple Pie and Custard dessert. 

There will be numerous other prizes to win as well.
Look out for the people calling at your door……..social distancing will be observed.

Tickets are just £1 each so dig deep and buy lots!!

Parish of Stawell Heritage Societcy

Although the Lockdown is easing a little, many of us still have additional time on our hands so perhaps this is a good time to put out an appeal to villagers and those who used to live in Stawell and Sutton Mallet.

POSHS, the newly formed Heritage Society would like to ask for help with any or all of the following:

  • Do you have any photographs of the area? Perhaps they show the villages before recent building work. Maybe they record a village event or perhaps village people. They don’t need to be that old either – we would like to record the present happenings as well as understanding the past.
  • Do you have any stories? Reminiscences about people, events and places perhaps. Even just a few lines or notes would help. 
  • What do you know about your house? If you are mortgage free you may have old deeds and the like relating to your house. You may know about changes of use and who lived there before you.
  • Do you know of friends or family who used to live here? Could you kindly ask them for their assistance in building up an archive of village history.

Any contribution, large or small, will be most welcome. Ideally we would hope to retain any donations as they may take on new significance in years to come. We intend to obtain secure storage for the growing village archive. If however you wish to retain documents and photographs we now have the facility to make digital copies. and return the originals to you.

Thank you for reading this and we look forward to your contributions.

Jackie Lusty is the Chair of the society so any donations can be forwarded to her at The Laurels, Ford Lane, tel: 723134 or email at jackie_lusty@hotmail.com

Lockdown Update

4 June

The minutes of the June Parish Council Meeting are now posted under “Organisations/Parish Council”. The annual audit documents are also now posted under “Organisations/Parish Council/Documents 

COVID 19 SCAM WARNING: There have been a variety of phone/text and email scams where the sender tries tells you that you have been in contact with someone with COVID19. They try to charge you for a test and ask for credit card details. THIS IS A SCAM. A genuine caller will only ask for name and address and ask about possible symptoms. They will NOT ask for any payment or request any passwords. If you are unsure, ask them to email you – the genuine caller will agree and follow up in an email.

A similar scam involves telling you that you have broken guidelines and have been fined; again, they ask for payment and your card details. Similar advice applies here. 

24 May

The minutes of the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council and the Annual Parish Council Meeting are now posted under “Organisations/Parish Council”

The agenda for the next Parish Council Meeting on Monday 1 June at 7:00pm is also posted.

A message from Frank’s family

We would like to say a big thank you for the moving response by the villagers in Stawell to line the route when Frank left the village for the last time.  My extended family were overwhelmed by this gesture.  I hope we will be able to say thank you individually at a future gathering in Frank’s memory.

Best wishes from Jean, Tom and James

Lockdown Update

17 May

I have received two documents from the County Council giving updates on local recycling centres and the collection of garden waste. Enjoy!

Update on reopened recycling centres 16 May

Update on recycling centres garden waste 16 May

12 May

The agendas for the Annual Meeting and Annual Parish Meeting are posted under the Organisations/Parish Council menu. These will be virtual meetings and begin at 7:00pm on Monday 18 May.

To “attend” the meeting dial 0330 606 0403 and enter the access code 8893316

Frank’s Funeral

Route Update: The route through the village has now changed due to road closures on the A39.

The hearse will now come into the village from Chedzoy and will drive through the village, probably to the Church where it will turn round and leave the village, again via Chedzoy. Perhaps the best area to go to give Frank his sendoff would be between the church and Wood Lane. Please try to be out by about 1:15pm. 

Frank’s funeral will take place at 2:00pm on Monday 11 May but only 10 family mourners will be able to attend. The family have decided to have the ceremony webcast for other members of the family and Frank’s many friends and neighbours.

There is a webcast help document here but all you need to do is go to:


and enter the login/ID  27660

and the password duegvgxv

The ceremony will be quite brief, in accordance with Frank’s wishes.

The book of remembrance in the church porch has many lovely tributes to, and memories of, Frank.  The book will stay in the porch until Monday afternoon but will then be taken and presented to his family on Tuesday.   A big thank you to Rachel Fortune for arranging for the book to be in place and liaising with the undertakers and family over arrangements for Franks last ride through the village on Monday.

Lockdown Update

7 May

The latest (virtual Parish Council meeting took place on Monday.  The minutes are filed under the  Organisations/Parish Council menu.

Each house should be about to receive a copy of the latest Your Somerset magazine. If you miss out or want to look back to past issues there is a link under the Organisations/ Parish Council menu or HERE.

VE Day in Lockdown: “we’ll meet again don’t know where, don’t know when!”

VE Day celebrations aren’t going to be what they would have been but it seems only right to mark this historic day in the best ways we can. 

Looking at the British Legion website we can still join in with national events.

  1. We can try and decorate the village as much as possible with flags and bunting. If you don’t have any bunting to hand to display in front of your house you can make your own. There are loads of suggestions on Google and YouTube but the BBC have advice at https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/articles/4TrqYDyf4PMdLypxzyTwGDg/great-british-bunting  Get cracking… or get the kids on the job.
  2. At 11:00am there will be a Two Minutes Silence for reflection.
  3. At 2:45pm there will be a special programme on BBC which includes a recording of Churchill’s famous victory speech. At 3:00pm We are asked to raise a glass of something suitable as as part of the “Nation’s Toast to the Heroes of World War Two”. The toast is “To those who gave so much, we thank you”.
  4. At 9:00pm, as part of an evening broadcast on radio and BBC One, the Queen will address the nation and commonwealth. This is the exact time when her father made his victory speech.  
  5. Perhaps we could all go outside afterwards and show our feelings as we have been doing every Thursday evening – by making a huge celebratory noise! Alternatively, or as well, a rendition of “We’ll meet again”  seems a good idea.

Do talk about it on FaceBook if you have more or different suggestions. Thanks for those who suggested these ideas.

Frank’s Funeral

I know that many of you have expressed a wish to pay your respects to Frank Reynolds even though we will be unable to attend his funeral.

The hearse will bring Frank back to the village on Monday 11 May at approximately 1:30pm

The vehicle will come down Ford Lane and turn right and drive to the Village Hall, turn round and, typical of Frank, he gets to do an encore as the hearse drives back through the village and up Ford Lane.

So that the family can see our tribute to Frank the plan is to ask you to spread out from the Old Apple Store and along Ford Lane. Do exercise the expected social distancing rules.

The other cars, carrying the family, will join the hearse as it passes the Old Apple Store. They will then leave the village via Ford Lane.

The timings are approximate so try to be on the street by 1:15pm. There is no pressure on anyone to participate so only join in if you are able. 

Please can anyone who would have a car parked along the route please move them elsewhere for the duration. Thank You for doing this.

The route described above is based on the assumption that the road at Chedzoy is still closed on Monday 11 May.  If it reopens, then the cortege will just pass through the village from Ford Lane and we will need to reposition ourselves!

Check here or on FaceBook for updates.

Lockdown Update

1 May

First we had “The Quiz”, now the long awaited sequel “Ooh, I know that one, it’s the Return of the Quiz”. On Sunday evening we are going to attempt to master the technology needed for a Zoom quiz where we want to have some fun and support the brilliant work of Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Families Association (SSAFA). This is a charity close to the heart of Frank Reynolds and where his family are asking for donations in lieu of flowers at his funeral.

We will go live at 7.00pm on Sunday evening. There will be a picture and puzzle round to download before the start which you can have a go at before we begin – we will give answers during the evening and the marks will go towards the total. We will have 5 live rounds and we are aiming for topics a bit different (and maybe easier 😉) than last time. Please don’t google answers and mark your answers honestly

An invitation to the quiz will be posted on FaceBook nearer the time. It’s best if you download Zoom beforehand but all you need to do is click on the invitation and follow instructions. If you don’t use Facebook send an email to me at brian@scowcroft.co.uk and I’ll send the link to you.

There will be no prizes this time..it’s just for fun but we ask that each family donate at least £5 to SSAFA. You can donate at https://donate.ssafa.org.uk/…

Who is up for it??

MOMSS: The May edition of MOMSS has now been published. Check out the Organisations/Church menu at the top of this page.

29 April

Parish Council Meeting Monday 4 May, 7:00pm. This will be a virtual meeting. Details of how you can join the meeting are given here.  The agenda can be found under the Organisations/Parish Council menu above.

From the Reynolds Family

“This moment won’t come again”.

At 9 am on Sunday morning, unfortunately my Dad’s much-uttered catchphrase was proved right.

I’m sure none of you will be surprised to hear that in the majority of our last moments together he was on good form. There’d been some good craic with the palliative nurse during the night apparently, and he had a story or two for Mum and I (my brother unfortunately is still in Sweden).

Writing something like this would normally have been something he would take on as you can imagine, so I’ll keep it brief.

Thank you all so much for the support and help with shopping in the last few weeks – and for the cards and messages in the last few days.

I knew Dad had made an impression in the village, but I hadn’t realised quite to what extent.

The feeling was certainly mutual.

Every phone call we shared would come with some detail about village life – a recent trip out with Terry the Judge or the latest goings-on at the hall.

I know he will have taken great comfort, as James and I do too, from the amazing friends Mum has around her as she faces up to life without “my Frank”.

It’s such a shame that she – and we – can’t see you all now in the flesh. Another cruel irony, the worst of which has been seeing a man who lived with such energy running out of breath.

We’ll miss him. And he’ll miss you. So thanks again for everything you’ve done. And if you’ve got something in (“glass of port, cup of tea”) raise a glass to toast him over dinner tonight won’t you.

This moment won’t come again after all…..

Lockdown Update

20 April

Many of you are using the village FaceBook group as somewhere to post memories and tributes to Frank Reynolds. Please continue to add them there but there is also now a book in the church porch where a more permanent record could be made. Can I please ask that, if you feel able, to go along and pass on your tributes and stories in writing so as to provide Jean and family with a lasting record of our memories of our wonderful friend and neighbour, Frank.

19 April

I have been sent a document from the police which seeks to clarify what are reasonable grounds for leaving our homes.  The document is available here: Police Guidance 

14 April

Hope you all enjoyed the Bingo last night. Congratulations to the winners and commiserations to those who didn’t get a prize this time.  The entry “fee” was a donation to the local Foodbank – the collecting box is by the postbox in the middle of Stawell. Huge thanks to Simon and the rest of the VH committee for helping with planning, delivering tickets and buying, sorting and delivering prizes. Thanks too to the donors of various prizes.

The Bingo was run using Zoom. A local benefactor has paid for the license for the Pro level of this app which allows for meetings of any length (the free version limits meetings to 40 minutes). If anyone wants to host a meeting for the benefit of other villagers then get in touch.

Gary Blinco, our Parish Paths Liaison Officer has been told by the County Council not to carry out any clearance work until further notice.  This is due to a lack of current insurance as this work does not come under the heading of essential work. If you have a concern you can report it through Explore Somerset at https://www.somerset.gov.uk/waste-planning-and-land/public-rights-of-way/  

7 April

Online Village Lockdown Bingo! On Easter Monday at 7:30pm it will be “Eyes Down” time. We will use Zoom (If you aren’t familiar with this app I’ll post details on how to get it, set it up and use it later) to run a bingo session with prizes donated by the Village Hall Committee (although more prizes, left at Simon’s door  would be great). You must let us know by Saturday evening at the latest that you want to take part so we can deliver bingo cards to your house. You can email me at brian@scowcroft.co.uk or comment on the Bingo post on Facebook. If you take part please make a donation to the Foodbank as “payment”.

The Reverend David Chapman, of St Benedict’s in Glastonbury, is leading Holy Week prayers, via Zoom, each morning this week from Monday to Thursday at 8.30am

Here’s the login details.


Meeting ID: 712 586 715
Password: 544464

There has been a burglary over in Catcott. The details are: “

A static van has been burgled in Catcott Road, Bridgwater sometime between the 4th and 5th April. The offender has jumped a front fence to enter the grounds and has then gained access to the van via a stable. Once inside the offender has stolen a Harness, Bow Top, Brass Man, Ornaments, TV, Burner and a Honda Generator together with £40 in cash.

If you contact the Police about this incident, please call 101 & quote Reference number: 5220076170 or Call Crimestoppers on 0800 555111, thank you.”

5 April

We all know that shopping isn’t easy at the moment but Jeanette Scott, who takes the village’s donations to the foodbank, tells me that they are deparate for supplies. If you do get the chance to go shooping, how about putting a couple of extra store cupboard items in your basket to donate? The box for donations is right next to the post box in the middle of Stawell, you can’t miss it.

1 April

The Pizza truck WILL be visiting on Thursday 2 April. Contactless payments only. 

Again, may I ask please, if you know anyone in the villages who is vulnerable or perhaps just wanting someone to give them a regular call, please let Sheila or myself know and we will set up a link.

LOCKDOWN FACEBOOK QUIZ – 7:30pm Saturday live streamed on the village Facebook page. A hour or two of online quizzing competition. Thanks to Simon for his offer for the VH to sponsor a grand winners prize of a bottle of wine to be left on your doorstep!

PC Minutes are now posted as is a link to MOMSS which will be published digitally for the time being. Link HERE or through the Organisations/Church menu. 

25` March

The NHS has been recruiting volunteers for various roles including a “Check and Chat” service. Volunteers call those most vulnerable, perhaps isolating on their own to make sure they are OK and then helping with anything they need. Seems a good idea to set this service up locally. If you would like a regular Check and Chat call or know someone who would then please call, email or text Sheila or myself. Will probably follow up with a note to each household soon.

The Church has now been locked and the Glastonbury Wood Fired Pizza wagon will not be visiting until further notice.

The idea of virtual social events has arisen. There are apps like Skype, Zoom and Microsoft Teams that allow groups to videochat, exchange and show images, text message and chat. How about a Zoom Dinner Party with friends? An online book club? A simultaneous cake bake while chatting with other bakers…of course followed up by a cake eating and wine slurping group chat?  I don’t know much about these apps but Im sure we have some experts in the village who can help.

23 March

We’re pretty sure all households now have a volunteer list in case of need by people in isolation. There has already been a couple of calls to volunteers for assistance. One thing we have learnt is that if you collect a prescription on someone’s behalf you need to know their full, correct name and address. Apparently they sometimes ask for age too. Also worth checking if it’s Woolavington or Edington dispensary.

If you heard the PM on TV this evening you will know that trips to shops should be limited. If you are in isolation then please try to use online ordering and delivery but if you have an urgent need then do still ask.

You will also have seen the posts about the Munchkins van. Simon Thomas is willing to order, collect and deliver around Stawell on your behalf if you are in isolation. Sorting out payment can be sorted out later. Orders to Simon on 722995 before 5.45pm on Friday and delivery will be between 6 and 7:30pm. Many thanks to Simon for this.

19 March

All regular activities in the village hall have been suspended. The Pizza Truck should still be visiting today but only contactless payments will be accepted.

Facebook users will know that a group of volunteers is being recruited to help those in isolation. Shopping, prescriptions or just a chat. A list of names and contact details will be posted to each household soon.

17 March

Glastonbury Wood Fired Pizza Company WILL be serving as usual for the time being. NOTE: Only payments with contactless cards will be accepted. Not sure yet about Munchkins Fish and Chips.

All church services have been suspended but St Francis’ Church will stay open for personal visits. 

16 March

In response to current advice concerning steps to be taken to reduce the rate of spread of Coronavirus many village activities have now been cancelled.

At the time of writing all social events, films, HUB Cafes are cancelled.  The Lunch Bunch cafe is cancelled. All church services are suspended. Other church events such as the Lent Lunch  are also cancelled.

There IS still a Parish Council Meeting scheduled for Monday 23 March. Agenda is available under the “organisations” menu.

I believe the visits from the Glastonbury Wood Fired Pizza Company and Munchkins Fish and Chips Van will continue.

At this time I have no information about regular bookings – art, HIIT, Bowls, Yoga. Check with the group organiser.

This notice will be kept up to date as circumstances change.to

Parish of Stawell Heritage Society

Think of a good acronym and work out the title to fit is always a good strategy. Thus, the name for the Parish of Stawell Heritage Society was born! The POSH Society was initiated at an open meeting in the village hall and, a while later, those who were interested in taking an active part in researching local history, met up at Jackie Lusty’s house. 

Various roles were filled by ready volunteers and the areas of interest identified. I think its a fair reflection to say that while buildings and archaeology were seen as important parts of the group’s endeavours, it was the people, their lives and their stories that sparked particular interest. A number of early projects were proposed but it has been decided that the history of the old village school would be our first challenge.

If anyone has any old photographs or memories of the school they could share, or know people who might, then please get in touch with Jackie Lusty (jackie_lusty@hotmail.com The Laurels, Ford Lane) or Kay Chorley (Little Orchard, Ford Lane)

Yeovilton Military Wives Choir

Stawell Village Hall

Saturday 13 June 2020

7:30 pm

Tickets £12 available in advance only.

Contact Maxine Hughes (723665) or stawellandsuttonmalletvhc@gmail.com

Tickets will also be available in the hall on:

  • Saturday 14th March 10.30 – 1.00 pm
  • Saturday 29th March 9.00 – 10.00 am
  • Sunday 19th April 3.00 – 4.00pm
  • Saturday 25th April 9.00 – 10.00 am
  • Sunday 10th May 3.00 – 4.00pm

Note: tickets are non refundable

Coming Soon


The Parish Council Meeting is on 2 March starting at 7:00pm.  The agenda and minutes of the previous meeting are found under the “organisations” menu at the top of this page.

7th March sees the welcome return of the HUB Pub evenings. Come along and enjoy a drink or two and some music with friends and neighbours. Doors are open from 7 to 11pm.

Lunch BunchThe Avalon School Lunch Bunch lunch is on Thursday 19 March (serving from 12:00-2:00pm. As always please do try to get along to this event. Not only is it a good lunch and a chance for a neighbourly chat, it also supporting some great young people from Avalon School.

The Glastonbury Wood Fired Pizza truck visits on the 5th starting at 4:00pm and returns again on the 19th March.

The Munchkins Fish and Chips van is serving up  on Friday 13th and 27th from 5 to 8pm.

The HUB Cafe is on 14 March and is a fundraiser for Westfield Street Cafe and Westfield Church – who work with low income families and the homeless people of the Bridgwater area. Doors open from 10:30am to 1:00pm. Always a good turn out of villagers looking for great brunch or cake and a lovely meet up with friends and neighbours.

As usual the HUB Cafe is followed by a Film Night and this month we have a showing of The 100 Foot Journey. Although this film dates from 2014 and I’ve seen it already I definitely want to catch it again. It tells the story of a displaced Indian family who settle in a rural French village and open a restaurant, the Maison Mumbai.  Unfortunately their location is near a Michelin starred restaurant owned by a frosty proprietor, played by Helen Mirren. All out war between the two operations ensues but, as you would expect in a warm, feel good film like this, all is well by the end.

The annual church Lent Lunch is on Saturday 21 March from noon to 2:00pm. Come along to the Village Hall and choose from a selection of delicious home made soups and support the Malawi Association fro Christian Support.

On the evening of 21 March there will be a Quiz at Othery Village Hall in support of the Sedge Moors Twinning Association.  Doors open at 7:00pm for a 7:30pm start. Refreshments are available but bring your own drinks and glasses. Up to 4 in a team and entry is £5 per person.  I’ve been along to this event a couple of times and its been great fun…we even once once!

The hosts for the March Church Coffee Morning are the delightful Janet and Brian Scowcroft of Willow Cottage.

Latest Village News

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General Election

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The Village Hall will be in use as a polling station on 12 December. Any scheduled activities for that day will, therefore, be cancelled.  The formal notice of election follows …

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Village Groups and Activities

Painting and Drawing

An art class for beginners. Meet every Thursday evening in the village. New members are very welcome.


Stawell Runners

Stawell Runners

A group of local folk, of all standards, meet on Sunday mornings for a run (or walk) around the local lanes.



Valerie Rowe-Clark has been teaching Yoga for over 25 years and leads classes on Tuesday evenings and Friday mornings


Stawell Church

Coffee Mornings

On the last Saturday of the month, the Church organises a get together in someone’s house for a hot drink, cake and a chat.


HUB Cafe

The HUB Cafe opens from 10:30 am to 1:30 pm on a Saturday in the middle of the month. A very popular get together event.


Village Cinema

The monthly Village Cinema shows current movie and some all time classics. The bar is usually open before the curtains go up…..


HIIT with Joe Wicks


HIIT is High Intensity Interval Training. Work out on a Monday evening to one of Joe Wicks’s exercise videos.


short mat bowling

Short Mat Bowling

The Short Mat Bowlers meet every Wednesday and Friday evening for some sociable fun and exercise in the village hall


Village Hall Club

Members of the club are entered in a monthly prize draw. Click below to find out more and to see the latest winning numbers