Village Hall Safety Reports

Village Hall Club

The current safety reports for various aspects of the Village Hall have now been posted on this website. They are available under the “Organisations/Village Hall” menu at the top of this page.

Direct links to each report are given below.

Village Hall Fire Safety Report May  2019

Village Hall Portable Appliance Test Report May 2019

Village Hall Emergency Lighting Report  May 2019

Play Area Safety Report June 2019

The Village Hall committee has been very busy over the summer, carrying out essential maintenance to the hall and ensuring that any recommendations from these reports are in place. This work includes:

  • Internal and external safety lights checked and changed where necessary
  • Fire evacuation routes and signs updated
  • Rubbish bins (which could have hindered an emergency exit) are being moved.
  • Fire extinguishers and blankets checked and replaced where necessary
  • Various plumbing updates – overflow pipes, autoflush on gents urinals, remove disused pipework, boiler and heater return valves made good.
  • Upgrading the electrical supply to a phase three system to reduce any future overload issues (work to be carried out soon).

Thank you to the committee for their unstinting hard work on our behlaf.