Greenbank Pool and Chedzoy Show

On 15 July we went on a trip out to Greenbank Swimming Pool in Street. We arrived at 5pm and we were  able to run about from the water park to the swimming pool doing weird and funny tricks. It was a hot sunny day, so an excellent way to cool off. Unfortunately, our outing was caught short, due to a toilet accident in the pool!….but hopefully we will return for a longer stay. We had some cold drinks and homemade brownies as our snack. 23 July The last outing before the summer break on 23 July was a cycle ride to Chedzoy Show on Saturday 23rd July. We left the village at 2pm and arrived at the show to take part in a scrap-heap challenge. There were lots of boxes and craft items for us to make anything we wanted. Jack chose a large box and made a face with string hair. Esme, made Ninja Turtle and Jake made a friendly alien…..they were to be judged at 4pm… While we waited, we played with the circus skills toys and had blackcurrant juice and cake. At 4pm the judges made an announcement and Jake had won second prize in the challenge! Well done Jake. Everyone who took part was given a small toy. We cycled home after a great afternoon out.