Photographs of Old Stawell

Enjoy a slide show of some photographs of past times in the parish.

We have been given permission to display these pictures by Bill Webber and Jean Banger. 

If you have any pictures of Stawell or Sutton Mallet which you would be happy for us to see and use then please get in touch using the form at the right of this page.

West House/Farm
The image also shows the cottages that pre-date Leap Year Cottage
St Francis Church
Probably 1906 - 1912
Ivy Cottage and West House
From a postcard dated 1942
Hill House from the South pre 1934
Minnie Harding ion the left and her parents, Fanny and Francis/Frank Harding are on the right.
The Grange 1942
Picture on a postcard with a dated postmark
Western Cottages 1927
.Group is outside 1 Western Cottages. The postcard was postmarked 15 September 1927. The two low buildings are where Manor Farm Close is today.
Roman era building
The oldest house in Stawell? from an archaeological dig at the bottom of Ford Hill April 2002
Fry's Farm
.Fry’s Farm. Onaping House is on the right
Stawell School and School House
Danish House on Wood Lane
The 'Danish House' on Wood Lane Built by Fred Tucker of Chedzoy. Taken in 2002
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