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Fifty Artefacts with Ann Murch 13 May 2023

A fun, entertaining and informative evening was had by all who attended the POSHS meeting on Saturday 13 May.

Ann Murch brought 50 odd and unusual objects, gizmos and gadgets from times past to the village. We had to guess what they were. Many of us came up with some wonderful and weird suggestions which were totally wrong! Ann then gave us the correct answers with lots of additional interesting information.

When Anne was training staff in elderly persons’ homes to do reminiscence work with residents, she suggested that they use a variety of different old artefacts as triggers to jog their memories. She went most weeks to a car boot sale and collected suitable old things to show them what might be useful. While collecting these, she found other peculiar objects and she started collecting for her own interest. 

Anne said ‘I discovered that other people found these intriguing as well and started using them for quizzes. I didn’t always know what they were when I bought them. I now have over 200 and must stop before the house is over run!’

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