• The Yoga group meet on Tuesday evenings from 7:00pm to 8:30pm and on Friday mornings from 9:00am to 10:30am.  They do not meet every week so check out the calendar or contact the tutor, Valerie Rowe-Clark, on 07837460849 or Taunton 762089.

Valerie has stated:

I’ve been teaching Yoga for over 25 years and continue to be amazed at the magic and forgiving nature of the practice. When I have I given up on just about everything, Yoga has never given up on me; this compassionate friend never judges, is always there waiting in that space between each breath.

Yoga has given me compassion and freedom, and so this is how I teach. Try easy is my mantra. Effortless effort as I learned at Kripalu all those years ago. Thank you to Yogi Amrit Desai for his great wisdom.


Yoga can bring great benefits your life. These can include:

  • Chronic back pain and sports injuries
  • Yoga and pregnancy
  • Yoga and body balance
  • improve strength, flexibility and peace of mind
  • Yoga for happiness